Frequently Asked Questions

Custom landscaping can be an involved process that brings in a surprising number of trades, and it’s quite understandable that someone who is not familiar with it would have some questions. Check out some common questions we’ve gotten over the years. If you don’t find the answer below, please give us a call or email us and we will be happy to help.
What sets you apart from other landscapers near me in Lafayette?
At Grass Roots Landscape Company, we strive to provide exceptional service and value that go beyond what other landscapers near you are offering. Our team of landscapers are experienced in working with a variety of budgets and projects, so no matter the size or complexity of your project, we are sure to have a perfect solution for you. We also use only the highest quality materials available to ensure final results that will last. Finally, our customer service is second to none. With Grass Roots Landscape, you’ll always be listened to and receive attentive support every step of the way!
What is landscaping good for?

Landscaping is an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of any property. It adds beauty, color, and interest to your space while providing a number of more practical benefits like improved drainage, erosion control, and better air quality. Landscaping is also adds necessary appeal to your home to draw potential buyers if you are selling. But the benefit that I would site as being the most important is that it makes your house more attractive and useful to you. Your back yard should be your escape where you can relax or entertain, play ball with your kids, or with the family dog. Your landscaping should be good for your lifestyle and should be both beautiful and functional.

What exactly is a hardscape?

The hardscape elements of your yard include all the things that are not living. Those would be the patios, swimming pool, gazebo, pavers, retaining walls…. You get the idea.

The living elements would be referred to as “softscape”. These would be the trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawn.

Grass Roots blends both hardscape and softscape into our landscape designs so that everything flows seamlessly throughout the yard. Give us a call so we can make your hardscape dreams a reality!

What’s the difference between landscape lighting and outdoor lighting?

The terms are interchangeable. It just depends on who you’re talking to. You may also hear it referred to as low-voltage lighting. But not all landscape lighting is low-voltage. Some of it will be 110 voltage lighting. So whether you call it landscape lighting, or outdoor lighting, Grass Roots can evaluate a project and install lighting that compliments the architecture of your home, without being overpowering.

Is a landscaper and a gardener the same thing?

These terms have only slight, but important, differences. A landscaper specifically is the person installing the landscape. Landscapers in Louisiana should have a license issued by the Louisiana Department of Agricultural and Forestry.

A Gardner refers more to the person maintaining the landscape. They would be more of a horticulturalist. Depending on the task they are performing they should also be licensed. If your Gardner is only pulling weeds they do not need a license.

How far outside of Lafayette, La, will you travel for a landscape job?

While the vast majority of our landscape jobs are in the Lafayette, Youngsville, and Broussard areas, Grass Roots is more than happy to travel outside of the Lafayette area for landscaping work. Specifically, we provide landscape services in all areas surrounding Lafayette, such as New Iberia, Breaux Bridge, St. Martinville, Rayne, Crowley, and other nearby cities. Simply stated, we cover all of Acadiana with our landscape, irrigation, and lighting services. Give us a call to schedule our professional landscape services at your home, no mater where you live in Acadiana.